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The non-Retina MacBook Pro is a good compromise for families that share one Mac and have a lot of photos and videos they all store on it, either as one general user — or as their own users logging in separately. If you want the The non-Retina iMac has a resolution of x When does this matter?

Is a Retina Display Worth It? - Wicked Cool Bite

In a few years, yes, more people will be producing higher resolution video. But does it matter right now or next year?

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Will a Retina iMac help you write a better paper? Produce a more accurate spreadsheet? No way. But the overall color, brightness, anti-glare coating, and clarity of the display — even when viewed from angles — will be noticeably improved.


The answer really comes down to two things: Your eyes will appreciate it and the sense of perfection might actually inspire you to work better, faster, or longer, ultimately helping you to recoup your investment over two years or so. If you can afford it, go Retina. If Retina strains your budget but you will do serious work on your Mac, try to find a way to go Retina. For casual Mac users? Will you use your MacBook or iMac for hours every day?

Figuring Out Whether Retina Is Worth the Money

Heads-Up Alert: Others disagree and think the eye is much more powerful than that. Blackwell of the Optical Society of America determined back in that the resolution of the human eye was actually closer to 0. Some studies push the limit of human vision even further.

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In other words, for a display to truly, indisputably match the resolution of the human eye and be considered true Retina, it needs to have pixels that are no larger than 0. This is where it gets fun, because now we can get a glimpse at the True Retina Macs of the future!

Incredible, right? But so what? What do all of these numbers mean in practice?

And short of flying off into outer space, the only way you can even come close to taking in all its detail at a single glance is if you have a True Retina display. The big boxes overlaid directly over the Earth in the image above represent the various resolutions of future Macs with True Retina displays.

Is a Retina Display Worth It?

Anything inside a box would be what you would see on the specified True Retina Mac or iOS device display. If you want to see this image in its original super high resolution, you can download it here. Some, then, would argue that this is all pointless.

Apple MacBook Pro 13" (2018): Unboxing & Review

Such an argument is faulty. For one thing, no one sits a uniform average distance away from their devices. And while you might write an email on your MacBook Pro at 24 inches, you might lean in on the edge of your seat during an exciting movie or game to closer to The truth is our devices suck us in as close as we can be to them. And if our displays are ever going to reach their ultimate form — living paper — they need to have enough resolution that we can zoom in to see more detail just like we would with a piece of paper: In fact, this effect is so profound on individuals that it eventually reaches a point where you have pixels small enough that on screen objects are completely indistinguishable from real objects.

That is the future of displays: That is why we need True Retina.

And that is where Apple is ultimately going to take us. If we assume that the resolution of the human eye maxes out at 0. This is measured in degrees of apparent size, which we can then multiply by 60 arc minutes per degree divided by 0.

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For further explanation, consult this page. Many thanks: The help of reader Neven randomoneh was invaluable in gathering a lot of the data for this piece together.